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Areas of Expertise ~ Services

Individual Coaching [Adult/Entrepreneurs/Executive]

One-on-one coaching to address what is holding you back from living your best life.  Discovering strengths and utilizing those to build and move you forward. Putting 'scaffolding' supports and strategies into place to support those weaker but necessary areas. Let's discover your strengths and go from there. 

Couples Coaching

Are you a couple with ADHD or perhaps one of you with ADHD and the other not? Couples struggle with the IMPACT of ADHD in their relationship. It often seems like an uneven split, with one doing more than the other. More reminding, more feeling not good enough, wanting to be 'better' but not finding your mark. Commitment + Love + ADHD knowledge will move you into finding a more balanced foundation. Let's chat and see what ADHD coaching can do for BOTH of you.

Parent Coaching 

Families with ADHD kids is challenging and a LOT of work (more time, energy, focus, patience required).  Given the genetic component of ADHD this is the 'long game' and supports and intervention are going to be ongoing.  Remember no one knows your child better so by teaching YOU the skills to COACH your child is a WIN. You'll learn and utilize the most current successful tools and strategies available.

Educational Session ~ What is ADHD + Executive Function?

Book some time with me and everything you ever wanted to know about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and/or Executive Function is yours.  Pick my brain and get the 'Coles/Cliff Notes' version.  My mission is to read all science-based information. If I know it I'll share it, along with a list of current resources so you can continue to explore.

Teacher Training / Lunch & Learn Presentation

Teachers and administrators are in a position to have a major impact on the lives of their students with ADHD. Coaching will help educators understand their students, how a lag in cognitive functions affects the student both academically and socially, how to utilize collaborative problem-solving techniques to get to the root of the lagging skill(s) that impede learning and/or behaviour. Through these learned techniques you’ll be equipped to reach and inspire your ADHD students.

Corporate/Business Presentation

Individuals with ADHD are typically trying very hard to be productive employees, but can find their best efforts thwarted when their brain processes are hijacked. It is extremely challenging for employee and employer alike when efforts are inconsistent. Approaching these situations with empathy and working together to find strategies that help the employee navigate or work around these trouble spots can help the employee become productive and contribute the skills for which they were hired. Customized presentation.

My Approach is Simple ~


Wherever you are at, is where I'll meet you. 

Where you want to go, is where we start.

My super power is that I listen and I hear you. My promise to my clients is that I meet them where they are at, and we travel together from that place together.

In the 5 STAGES of CHANGE where are you TODAY?

1.Precontemplation (Not Ready for a Coach/Change)

2.Contemplation (Thinking about a Coach/Change)

3.Preparation (Preparing for Action)

4.Action (Taking Action ~ Booking to work with an ADHD Coach)

5.Maintenance (Maintaining Change Strategies with my Coach)


So if you're ready (#4), then so am I

Many of my clients experience some, if not all of the following in both their personal and business lives:

  • fail to give close attention to details

  • difficulty sustaining attention

  • not following through on commitments

  • difficulty organizing tasks or activities

  • avoiding tasks requiring sustained mental effort

  • loses things

  • forgetful in daily activities

  • easily distracted

How that shows up in DAILY life could look like:

  • Erratic work/academic performance at work or school (time management difficulties, missed appointments, frequently late and unfinished projects)

  • Anger control problems, family/marital problems

  • Difficulty in maintaining organized household routines, sleeping and other self-regulating activities

  • Difficulty managing personal finances

  • Frequent accidents either through recklessness or inattention

  • Low self-esteem or chronic under-achievement

  • Problems with driving (speeding tickets, accidents)

TRUTH is ~ life is tougher for you than for other people


So to be totally transparent! This is REALLY HARD work and you'll have to do the heavy lifting, but I'm with you on this journey. Remember ~ REAL change takes TIME, and I ask all my clients to commit to a minimum of 3 months, once per week, to allow for practice and new (life-long) habits to take hold. AND remember we'll have some laughs along the way.


Too soon for coaching? Then maybe you're ready for the first step, ADHD Education ~ let's meet to learn more about your ADHD diagnose (or like *symptoms) and how they show up for you.

*a diagnoses is not required, nor is it critical for successful coaching. We work on how you 'show up' in your day and what you're ready to change.

My Approach
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